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A Weekend in Gotham.

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Baltimore based photographer, Glenford Nunez, made a brief visit to NYC last weekend. For Nunez, whom happens to be a native New Yorker, it was a modest homecoming–but being the true shutterbug that he is, Nunez paid little attention to the so-called homecoming and proceeded to navigate the canyons of SoHo as if he never left.

Once Nunez emerged from his weekend in the Apple, he was kind enough to share with us his spoils. His capturing of a glaring Nejilka Arias is a prime example of Nunez’s ability to bleed raw beauty out of thin air.

Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography.

Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography.

Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography.

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