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The public may perceive blogging as a lazy man’s occupation, but it is actually pretty hard work. When you are not writing or needlessly telling everyone your opinion, you are forced to look as cool as possible–after all, no one likes a creepy blogger who looks as if he/she spends 98% of their time holed up in some computer dungeon.

Gant understands this burden, so much that they designed the Rugger Bloggers Delight sweatshirt. Comfy, and slightly tattered, the Rugger Bloggers Delight sweatshirt was created by Christopher Bastin, and is a part of Gant’s  2012 Autumn/Winter collection. Click → here ← to purchase.

Here is a quote from the creator:

“We wanted to do something different than the regular heavy-knit snowflake Jacquard. Fifi and I stumbled upon a sewn-together kids sweater at a vintage store in Tokyo and it was so cool, it just begged to be tributed. We both thought, ‘Holy shit, this sweater would explode on Tumblr!’ Since the blogging community has always been an integral part of our design inspiration, we kind of owed it to those dudes and dudettes. No one wants to be called a blogger anymore, which makes it even more funny. And some stuff tends to fall victim to its own success before they even hits the sales floor because it’s been blogged to death by ‘bloggers who aren’t bloggers.’ It’s very Kafka-esque and very ‘fashunz’ at the same time.”

Courtesy of GANT.

Courtesy of GANT.

Courtesy of GANT.

Courtesy of GANT.


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