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By a Thread…

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Not everything is just nuts and bolts. Sometimes it’s thread and glue. Anton Alvarez, a Swedish-Chilean designer based in east London, has created a Thread Wrapping Machine that makes the use of screw and nails somewhat obsolete by replacing them with glue-coated thread. With the ability to combine an array of different materials like wood, steel, plastic and other materials, Alvarez constructs seemingly organic hodgepodges of furniture that boast some pretty intriguing patterns.

“I wanted to create an externalised joint that would enable me to combine a big range of different materials that normally would require very time consuming methods of jointing them together. At the same time a decorative pattern appears with the different colours of the thread.”

- Anton Alvarez.

Courtesy of Märta Thisner.

Courtesy of Anton Alvarez.

Courtesy of Anton Alvarez.

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