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Colombian Devil’s Breath.

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If unaware of its pre-chemical form, its flowers are quite unassuming. (Screenshot by Quiet Lunch)

More potent than salvia or even some hardcore heroin, the world’s scariest drug is rearing its ugly head. Though not new to the world, few know of the effects of scopolamine or “devil’s breath” as it is referred to and it reduces one’s free will and sense of being; suspending them in a zombie-like state.

Also compared to having effects similar to rohypnol (or rufies), Devil’s Breath drops one’s inhibitions and stream of consciousness while still allowing themselves to be coerced into actions.

According to Sober Living, scopolamine is most often used as a “mind control” agent and is a derivative of the “Borrachero Tree” which is native to Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador and the active ingredient burundanga is taken from the cacao seeds. It is called Devil’s Breath because the user, once under the influence, essentially is soul-less.

The short documentary below, shot by VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy four years ago, documents the origin and effects of the drug.

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