Darkly Dreaming Darick.

Elderly Mickey Mouse. (Photo Courtesy of Darick Massen)

Darick Maasen is one twisted individual. He takes iconic childhood characters and brings them to life, sort of, by creating mock “taxidermy” figures. Although Maasen is proficient in various mediums, it is his sculptures that grip you by the eyeballs and keep them locked with no sign of ever letting go.

TMNT Bebop Taxidermy. (Photo Courtesy of Darick Massen)

Although Maasen’s figures are reminiscent of a Frankenstein workshop, he gives the right touch of realism to these childhood imaginations; manifesting pieces that evoke intrigue and send a slight chill down your spine.

Real Koopa Paratroopa Trophy. (Photo Courtesy of Darick Massen)

Real Mario Brothers Cheep-Cheep. (Photo Courtesy of Darick Massen)

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