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Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan.

British trio Felix recently released their second studio album late last month and it eventually made its way to our ears by splendid serendipity. Consisting of Lucinda Chua, Chris Summerlin and Elv Beetham, Felix made noise with their debut effort in 2009 and are looking to build on that buzz with the sophomore offering Oh Holy Molar. Well played.

Photo Courtesy of Isra Box.

From start to finish, Oh Holy Molar is a pretty exceptional listen. An ingenious mixture of awkward chants and melting melody, Chua’s voice rolls in like a powerfully eerie fog across a mossy bed of solemn instrumentals. You’re somewhat reminded of Florence and her Machine — with a touch of Regina Spektor and Patti Smith — but Felix quickly reclaims their identity with tracks like “Sunday Night”, “Hate Song”, and “Blessing Part I”/”Blessing Part II”.

“Who Will Pity the Fool” is by far our favorite song. It’s mellow but chilling and the piano does a wonderful waltz with Chua’s vocals.

Overall, we’d say Oh Holy Molar is well worth the shillings. It’s easygoing to enough to listen to all the way through but captivating enough to remember.

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