Desde México con Amor.

Oy vey. With another ultramegasnowfreezapocolypse is on its way to the northeast, we yearn for the fantastic sunny days of Summer. Our global correspondents Anik Boucher and her beau, Sébastien Lamothe, grabbed their waterproof GoPros and hopped on a plane to Mexico, the land south of our border. The two last shared their worldly escapades on their backpacking trip to Australia in 2013.

Watch Anik and Sebastien’s shenanigans as they venture from the waters of Cozumel to the ancient Mayan Pyramids in Coba. As we viewed this video of beautiful clear blue oceans abundant with sea turtles, eels, and pufferfish, dishes of authentic empanadas and underground rivers that you can jump into, we can’t help to think… how many days did that groundhog say we have left?


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