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Going Over the Details.

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Chaz Bundwick is serving us another dose of R&B flavored electronic tunes for the new year. His third studio album, Anything In Return, will be released by Carpark January 22, 2013. Fortunately, he has released the single “So Many Details” to hold us over until January and help us with our presidential election blues.

Written by Francine Lucas.↓

Francine Lucas (n.) dance maniac; fashion pervert; purveyor of Noise & Ambition.

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  • Finally, More Details. December 18, 2012 - 1:33 pm Reply

    [...] y Moi recently released visuals for his single “So Many Details”. We remember the single being released back in October, and we’re happy see it come to live in moving picture form. It is the first single off his [...]

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