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Guazzabuglio di Parentela.

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Claudio Parentela‘s work is a smashmouth entity of delirium and high fashion. When Parentela came to us with his work we immediately felt ashamed that we hadn’t discovered him on our own.

It was awe at first sight. Parentela’s busy method was initially shocking but it wasn’t long until we recognized his greatness. Art that is executed in this manner may be perceived by some as an empty or ostentatious affair but there is a method to his hysteria; an organized freewill, if you will.

We caught up with Parentela and attempted to get under the brim of this Italian mad hatter.

On his inspiration:

“All my life drives me to create…It’s wonderful to know that everyday I can paint all the day…It’s a wonderful ‘work’ and a fantastic way to live…or better I feel alive only so…and I cannot to live without to live so….with my art…
… I have always painted and I was always interested in everything that is art … ….I love to create with all I’ve under my hands….however I do this in a ‘professional way’ since 1995…I’ve always painted since then all the day every day.”

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.

He is a modern day Picasso. He sees life in such an unfiltered manner — with such unbridled reverence. Using words to describe Parentela’s work is an uneasy task — futile even! We just know that he’s tying to free us from something. He wants us to let go. We asked Parentela about his message, and, surprisingly, we weren’t too far off the mark.

Is there a particular message that you’re trying to convey in your work?

“My joy. To be free and alive.”

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.


Curious about his creative process, we also asked about the number of mediums that he involves in his art. He classifies himself as wearer of many hats, dabbling in illustration, painting, photography, and even journalism. His is without bias and seems to employ everything under the sun.

How many different mediums do you use in your work?

“All I love at the moment… All I feel [that is] mine at the moment… I love create with all… using all…”

Courtesy of Claudio Parentela.

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