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Gustavo Sousa Rings the Alarm.

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The Olympics often find itself serving as a platform in which individuals are allowed to address the issues. This year’s Olympics seems to be no different for some — especially for Gustavo Sousa and his Olympic project.

“I wanted the prints to be representative of the world, the games, and its sponsors,” - Gustavo Sousa.

Sousa used the Olympic rings to depict the vast discrepancies that exist today in our modern world; each color represents a major region in the world. We’ve provided the key at the very end, just in case you want to play the guessing game and predict with region is which.

If you’re not interested in playing a guessing game, we have it in white, just highlight here →  Oceania=blue, Europe=black, Americas=red, Africa=yellow, Asia=green.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Courtesy of Gustavo Sousa.

Key: Oceania=blue, Europe=black, Americas=red, Africa=yellow, Asia=green.

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