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Heightening the Level of Discourse.

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“I think that America needs an honest discourse with itself. It’s like the greatest country in the world by default. You know what I mean? But we can actually be the greatest country that ever existed if we were just honest about who we are, what we are and where we want to go; and if we learn how to have that discourse — things like racism are institutionalized… You might not know any bigots. You feel like, ‘Well, I don’t hate black people, so I’m not a racist.’
But you benefit from racism. Just by [unintelligible] the color of your skin — you are privileged in way that you may not even realize because you haven’t been deprived in a certain way.
We need to talk about these things in order for them to change.”

- Dave Chappelle. (Inside the Actors Studio.)

Photo Courtesy of Wall Chan.

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