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As an artist Ian Stevenson is both smart and rude — intellectually uncouth, if you will. He truly has a sense of humor. Stevenson’s work does its best to satirize the things that most human beings hold dear; and that includes everything from Superman and 9/11 to Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana.

“Save Yourself”. (Courtesy of Ian Stevenson.)

“Charles and Diana Forever”. (Courtesy of Ian Stevenson.)

“Kim Kardashian”. (Courtesy of Ian Stevenson.)

“Please Wait Here”. (Courtesy of Ian Stevenson.)

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  1. Even Stevenson.

    […] time we featured Ian Stevenson he was poking fun of the likes of Kim Kardashian and Princess Di. But today we feature his wit in a more minimalistic light–straight, no chaser, just the way […]


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