Lerone Wilson. | Universal Journey at gallery nine5.

Lerone Wilson is an artist who is in the midst of a brilliant shift in paradigm. Universal Journey, Wilson’s latest solo exhibition at gallery nine 5,  is a live window into a creative epiphany that has resulted in some pretty intriguing work.

The Brooklyn native, who has transformed the technique of encaustic painting into something all his own, was in high spirits on opening night. Those who attended the festivities leaned in closely on the pieces, attempting to determine what material they were made of. The gallery buzzed with fascination, which goes to show that the works on display truly are conversation pieces.


Wilson’s first showing with the gallery, he really puts his best foot forward. Wilson shows a significant amount of growth conceptually and logistically, giving new meaning to pieces and playing with various shapes and textures. Universal Journey runs through March 6th at gallery nine5. If you’re in the NoLita area, be sure to stop by!

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