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Lonesome Hunter.

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Lonesome Hunter.

by Carly Sioux.

Press Play to Begin Story.

Timber Timbre ‡ “Lonesome Hunter”


Suicide Bride.

For $20…


“No Comment.”


Evidence of His Affection.


One Bad Reputation.


What’s Hiding in Your Closet?


“Not I.”


Found Happiness in A Bar.










Arrived At Heaven’s Gate.


While Floating in Space.


Wished Upon A Fallen Star.


Vanished Behind A Silver Lining.


I’m Drowning.

“Drink More!”

Sheep Hiding in Wolves’ Clothing.


Break This Spell.


With A Twinkle In His Eye.

Private Buckaroo.



You’ll Disappear.

Statistically Speaking.

Break Out of Your Shell.

Lonesome Hunter.

Old New York.

About Carly Sioux.

Carly Sioux.
Guest writer for Quiet Lunch Magazine.

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