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Look, Jim… No Hands.

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You are at a game, concert, or some outdoor festivities and you want want to capture your favorite moment but you may have your hands full. Alas, what if there was a wireless camcorder you could use with no hands? Look no further because Looxcie has just answered your call.

 Here is a demo of how this device works:

The video quality is ok, but the Looxcie Cam will be great to parents who want to catch the first goooooooal.

Here are some of the technical specs:

  • With LooxcieCam App or as a standalone device – VGA, 30 fps, 4000 kbps bitrate, 1 hr record time, 2 hrs battery life
  • With LooxcieMoments App (mobile sharing quality) – HVGA, 15 fps, 800 kbps bitrate 5 hrs continuous looping video capture, 5 hrs clip storage from captured video (2GB max), 4 hours battery life
  • f 2.8 lens
  • Auto high color and light correction
  • Codec – MPEG-4 video, AAC audio Battery

Click Here to Purchase

Written by Bim Star↓.

Bim Star. (n.) fashion authority; gadget guy. (Photo Courtesy of Bruno Daddi.)

About Bim Star.

Bim Star.
This New York City native breathes the concrete jungle. From be a stylist and clothing designer who’s pieces has graced the silhouettes of fashionistas and socialites alike, to running the streets to get the next story, Bim Star has made his name synonymous as the catalyst of the “urban-sophisticate” style in this new global world and has since strengthened his thumbprint in the industry. Always in the know, and the go-to man for all things ala mode, we are happy to have Bim Star aboard this blazing ship as our senior editor.

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