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Naughty Macnaughton.

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“Gunner”. (Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

A cool and collective hodgepodge, Kathryn Macnaughton’s work has an offbeat sense of humor and a pleasantly nimble finish.

“Unicorn Sandwich”. – The cover for the first issue of Sandwich. (Courtsey of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

“The Kiss”. (Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

“Patti Smith”. (Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

“Chelsea”. (Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

The Canadian illustrator’s technique is as brisk as the air in the Great White North but as frazzled as Einstein’s hairdo. Macnaughton is an artist who doesn’t make the mistake of taking herself too seriously.

She reaches into a cookie jar of cherished childhood inhibitions, coming out with sweet masterpieces that caress the  mind’s palate and stimulates its taste buds.

“Eye Weekly”. (Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)

“Elephant Party”. (Courtesy of Kathryn Macnaughton.)


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  • Macnaughton Goes Huntclubbing. February 7, 2013 - 8:13 pm Reply

    [...] Kathryn Macnaughton unveiled a sneak peek of one of the pieces that will appear in an upcoming show. Taking place at the Huntclub Studio on St. Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th), With Pleasure will also feature paintings by Sri Lankan born, Rajni Perrera. Find out more → here. ← Also view, and purchase, Macnaughton’s work → here. ← [...]

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