Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ July 15th, 2013. – July 31st, 2013.

In the 42nd issue of Quiet Lunch Magazine, we offer you the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything. For those of you who do not understand the reference, please proceed to the nearest library and check-out all five volumes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. Seriously.

To stimulate your minds as you sit at your laptop or read us on your phone as you walk to the library (don’t forget to look both ways before you cross… we know we can be very distracting sometimes), we have crafted another fantastic issue for your cerebral pleasure.

Our Editor at Large, Matia A. Guardabascio, met up with Massachusetts-based female rap duo, Solo Sexx, for the first ever video interview for her column, The First Act. The video work was done by the newest Quiet Luncher to join the Boston staff, Rick Desilets. Welcome, Rick.

Steven from the Boston Staff had a great interview with painter Lauren Coulson, while Dominic, also from the Boston Staff, hits us hard with a thought-provoking op-ed on the George Zimmerman verdict.

Making his debut on the Quiet Lunch this week is Eli Jace, the newest writer to join our New York Staff, with his interview and write-up on Greek photographer Alexis Vasilikos. And finally, our sweaty Editor in Chief, Akeem K. Duncan visits the opening reception For Which It Stands at The Lodge Gallery, which includes an interview with the curators of the exhibit, Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele.

Without further delay, we invite you to the 42nd edition of the Quiet Lunch Magazine. Enjoy!

Unflinchingly Yours,

The Quiet Lunch Staff. (Boston AND New York)

Stay Tuned!

Rick Desilets/Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Rick Desilets/Quiet Lunch Magazine.


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Matia Guardabascio is a proud citizen of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in both English and French Literature. As the daughter of a musician and a school teacher, Matia grew up in a musical household with parents who made a concerted effort to instill in her the value and importance of the arts. She is a music enthusiast, an avid reader, a writer of prose and poetry, a traveler, and an enthusiastic imbiber of red wine. The piano is her favorite instrument, followed by the drums, and she loves Impressionist artwork, especially because she doesn't need to wear her glasses to see what's going on. That's right, the glasses are not for show. She wears tri-focals because she reads too much, or as her good friends might say, she actually 80-years-old.

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