"Indecent Exposure". (Courtesy Dadu Shin.)

On a Shin Kick.

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Dadu Shin‘s work relies more on its message and less on grandeur aesthetics. Shin doesn’t seek to dazzle you with vibrant colors or send your mind into an artistic whirlwind. He simply wants you to think.

Shin’s work is pretty straightforward; almost to the point of artful drabness. But somehow–maybe through charming minimalism and a lack of distraction–its sociopolitical message resonates.

“Rich and Poor: The Education Gap” for the NYT OPED Letters. (Courtesy of Dadu Shin.)

“Feeding a Growing World Population”. (Courtesy of Dadu Shin.)

“The Last Tree”. (Courtesy of Dadu Shin.)

“Reusing the Junkyard”. (Courtesy of Dadu Shin.)

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