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Real Fruit Juices.

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Naoto Fukasawa takes designing and brand imaging to the next level.  He takes the route of literal design reaching the consumer through the ‘senses’ as opposed to using the oversaturated, gimmicky marketing and branding strategies of  stand out letters and designs.  Naoto’s strategy is refreshing, appealing and intelligent. The old school juice box we have all grown up with has shifted to imitate the actual fruit. Get your taste buds going by feeling a juice box, get into that.

“I imagined that if the surface of the package imitated the colour and texture of the fruit skin, then the object would reproduce the feeling of the real skin.” - Naoto Fukasawa.

Photo Courtesy of Naoto Fukasawa.

Photo Courtesy of Naoto Fukasawa.

Photo Courtesy of Naoto Fukasawa.

Photo Courtesy of Naoto Fukasawa.

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