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Rhymes by Kane.

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Rapper Kane Mayfield has been quite busy since freestyling for our cameras last June. The Strong Island bully just released his latest project, Rhymes by Kane Mayfield: Thievery Corporation Edition, and after getting our hands on an advance copy a couple of weeks ago, we are glad to see that masses have finally been blessed with what could be Mayfield’s best work to date.

Courtesy of Thievery Corporation.

Mayfield begins the project with “Rappity Rap”, putting a humorous unique spin on a Wu-Tangesque approach that involves an obscure voice sample. “New Jack City”, a sociopolitical hood tale, brings a more serious tone while “Ghetto Almanac” continues the trend. “Beautiful Drug” can be consider the apex of Rhymes by Kane. However brief, Mayfield’s flow combined with TC’s production makes “Beautiful Drug” a solemnly vicious cut that can easily be played 16 times over.

Courtesy of Thievery Corporation.

The latter half of Rhymes by Kane is all out brawl. Believe it or not, the earlier half of the project featured a more composed Kane Mayfield distributing venom at a moderate but awesome pace. However, for the last leg we have a brass knuckle MC who is intent on making his presence felt.

Overall Rhymes by Kane is great a listen. Mayfield keeps it short but makes sure that every song is brimming to the top with heavy handed punchlines, malicious metaphors and righteous rhetoric.

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