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Safe in the Trees.

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Contrary to the variety of technological advancement taking places, there are those who feels the inherent need to stay close to our ancestors — and what’s more ancestor-like than sleeping in trees? Located in Pfronten, Bavaria in Germany, Waldseilgarten is an adventure mountain resort that offers guests a thrilling night in the wilderness.

Waldseilgarten offers three sleeping options but the most interesting is Option 2. Nestled at the top of a mountain summit, daring guests can spend the night in Portal Edges. Portal Edges are cozy tents that are hung off the tree tops or suspended over a cliff face. The cost for one night starts at 250.00 € ($311.75 USD) per person; the tent can hold about 2-4 people. More info → here ←.

2012 Schedule:

• 26./27.05.
• 09./10.06.
• 23./24.06.
• 07./08.07.
• 21./22.07.
• 04./05.08.
• 11./12.08.
• 18./19.08.
• 25./26.08.
• 01./02.09.
• 08./09.09.

Photo Courtesy of Waldseilgarten Hoellschlucht.

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