"Campfire". (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

Sleeping in the Grass.

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South Carolina native Danna Ray paints tranquil scenes that are quaintly abstract. Using material like pastels, goauche, acrylic and graphite, Ray’s work almost puts you in a cool place where you almost forget the blisters of summer.

“A Grand Discovery”. (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

“Good Company”. (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

“I’m Sorry But You Were Holding Me Back”. (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

For those who enjoy a pensively plaintive moment or two, Ray’s work makes you miss those cold rainy days where you feel invincible and vulnerable all at once.

“Confetti”. (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

“The Weather Was Nice, We Slept in The Grass”. (Courtesy Danna Ray.)

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