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Stepping Up to Step Out.

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Two years ago, as a favor to one of my best friends, I donated $20 to the America Diabetes Association.

Her cousin suffers from Type 1 and he was participating in the annual New York City walk, and was recruiting all of his friends and family members to help raise money. In turn, to help her raise money, I made my small contribution and didn’t think twice about it.

Fast forward two years later, and here I am, not only walking in the 2012 STEP OUT: WALK TO STOP DIABETES, but I am also a full-time, year-round, sufferer of this incurable disease.

“Not too long ago, I was ‘normal’, thinking that this epidemic would never affect me. But it has, and now my only wish is to stop it from affecting anyone else.”

Having been diagnosed only recently (June, 2012), I am still trying to get control over my diet, my medication and my sugar levels. Some days, it can seem really daunting and frustrating; I wish I could just indulge in that cheeseburger, fries and hot fudge sundae. But, I can’t, and most likely never will be able to again. Is this a bad thing? Of course not, eating like a garbage disposal is unhealthy for anyone. But just having the opportunity to do so is what I miss. There is no more spontaneity in life anymore.

Besides my diet, I have to wake up at set times to test my blood sugar; I have to eat every few hours to make sure it doesn’t dip or sky rocket. While all of this can easily bring me down on any given day, I try not to let it. Instead, I’m trying to stay positive and look towards the future.

Which is why I decided to walk in the STEP OUT: WALK TO STOP DIABETES event in NYC on September 16th, and help raise funds for the ADA. If any of the readers are interested in learning more or donating to my cause (shameless plug!) please feel free to visit my page:

Visit Here!

Not too long ago, I was “normal”, thinking that this epidemic would never affect me. But it has, and now my only wish is to stop it from affecting anyone else.

Written by Jessica Manning.↓

Jessica Manning (n.): fitness Nazi, closet carb junkie, sugar-free.

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