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Tag Archives: Adult Swim

Captain Murphy to the Rescue.

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Share This.This weekend was a complete dud–is what we would have said if we didn’t spend it listening to Captain Murphy. Releasing his newest project, Duality, late last week, the mystery rapper is quietly making a shitload of noise. Many are still speculating on the rapper’s true identity; with 99.9999% listeners believing it to be Tyler, the Creator. Some have even lumped in Flying Lotus and the Adult Swim folks. Read More

Between Us Friends.

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Share This.Adult Swim’s Singles Program has hacked up yet another gem. Flying Lotus has teamed up with the John Lennon of Odd Future, also known as Earl Sweatshirt and “Captain Murphy” on the track “Between Friends”. Lotus does a superb job with production while Earl and the pseudo fictional Captain Murphy — who we believe to be either Tyler or a chopped and screwed version of Earl himself — give Read More

Back in the Boondocks.

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Share This.Could it be? Yes, it is the return of Adult Swim’s prodigal son The Boondocks. A fourth season was recently announced on Adult Swim’s website and it’s already spreading through the web like wildfire. The Aaron McGruder brainchild originally started out as a strip in the The Diamondback and since becoming an animated series on Adult Swim, it has garnered a substantial cult and mainstream following. Fans of the show are delighted at the announcement Read More