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Tag Archives: Animal Photography

Look What That Dude Dragged In.

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Share This.Rowan Corkill has us stumped. Well, not quite. Corkill’s Portrait of a Species throws us for a loop because we can’t seem to tell whether these are portraits of a human subject or portraits of the dead animals being being held by the human subject’s mouth. Or better yet, is this Corkill confronting man about its carnivorous tendencies and lack of respect for other species?

Ryan and His Animals.

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Share This.We headed over to Team Gallery for a subtle afternoon of animal nudes and — no, wait, that came out wrong. Do over? We finally pulled ourselves away from our stations and headed over to Team Gallery to check out Ryan McGinley‘s Animals exhibit, an event that we’ve been anticipating all week long. The series included nude subjects accompanied by various furry, feathery, and overall scrappy companions. Also running Read More