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Charlotte’s Ebb.

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Share This.French painter Charlotte Caron knows our true nature. When we came upon her Portraits series, it struck a chord in our cranial guitar. The contrast between the two subjects, man and animal, combined to make a captivating image that tells a story of vivid transformation. The message what obvious but didn’t quite give itself up all together. The more we looked at the Portrait series, the more we became intrigued. We began wondering Read More

Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ May 14th, 2012. – May 20th, 2012.

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Share This.This week sees the likes of Charlotte Caron, Patrick Leger, photographer Eric Rose, digital illustrator 非 and architectural designer Robert van Embricqs. Julie Percha goes on a Hipster Hunt and the iPad Mini rumors receive another jolt of “authenticity”. We also get a sit down with Dirty South pioneer Mike Dean! Stay Tuned! Unflinchingly Yours, Quiet Lunch Staff.