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El Cure.

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Share This.El-P’s latest album, Cancer 4 Cure, is a distressed, semi-schizophrenic announcement of his return. After a five year hiatus since dropping his last effort, the Brooklyn native and veteran in the underground progressive rap scene weaves together his beat boy roots with bass heavy distortion; creating a Frankenstein of sounds. The track, “The Full Retard,” is as if he launches the future of sound at your face and rubs Read More

Quiet Lunch Magazine ‡ May 28th, 2012. – June 3rd, 2012.

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Share This.Our month of celebration is coming to an end and with the way things have been going, it may just turn into a celebration all year long. This week’s book sees an exclusive interview with Gotham City paper artist Jean Seestadt; we’re also reviewing El-P’s buzzworthy Cure 4 Cancer and having a few words with Italian artist Claudio Parentela. Stay Tuned! Unflinchingly Yours, Quiet Lunch Staff.