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The Big Joke.

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Courtesy of Gordon Young.

Public artist Gordon Young took the small British town of Blackpool by literary storm last fall. Young installed a typographical floor that measured up to 2,200 square meters of floor and included about 160,000 letters (characters) in granite of various colours.

The piece pays homage to the worldwide history of comedy, referencing to the work of more than 1,000 comedians and comedy writers. The text on the carpet seems painted but every character is made of 30mm solid granite cast into high-quality concrete panels. Obviously Gordon wowed us last fall, one can one imagine what he has in store for this upcoming autumn.

Read more on the Comedy Carpet → here ←.

Courtesy of Gordon Young.

Courtesy of Gordon Young.

Courtesy of Gordon Young.

Courtesy of Gordon Young.

Courtesy of Gordon Young.

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