The Death of SPRING/BREAK.

Once upon a time, a year ago to be exact, SPRING/BREAK Art Fair was the star of Armory Week, an up and coming fair that shined brightly against the dim, uninnovative background that is Armory Week itself. Formerly housed in the Moynihan Station, SPRING/BREAK had an organic, but organized, feel. The fact that they transformed the almost ghostly Moynihan Station into an artful labyrinth in which a painting, sculpture, installation or performance can greet you at any turn was impressive; and the art only exacerbated that awe.

However, this year the fair took a turn for the worse, shedding its makeshift magic and ingenuity for the glib glitz of Times Square. Now housed by 4 Times Square, the fair has lost life. It seems hollow, empty and lifeless. Surrounded by a bland office environment—the very environment that creatives seek to remove themselves from—and stoic fluorescent lighting, even the art loses some of its power. Not to say that SPRING/BREAK is unbearable but it may be a letdown to those who appreciated its once noticeable signature character.

Despite its drawbacks, the fair is still worth the visit. And here is why:

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Akeem K. Duncan.

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Akeem is our Editor in Chief. A writing ogre and profuse sweater, he is responsible for the daily function and overall voice of Quiet Lunch. He also a poet and curator. He has read at venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, KGB Bar, Lovecraft and SHAG--with works published in Palabra Luminosas and LiVE MAG13. He has also curated solo and group exhibitions at numerous galleries in Chelsea, Harlem, Bushwick and Lower Manhattan.