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The Lullaby of Kendra Morris.

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Kendra Morris isn’t just a singer, she isn’t just a voice with a pretty a face nor is she a reincarnation of a talented free spirit. The daughter of musicians, she is a splendid creature invested in the theory of melody, song and harmonious lore.

We actually covered Morris earlier this year and remained smitten with her work ever since. But that was in February. June is in full swarm and our music month called for a coupe de grace. We decided what better way to conclude this month’s festivities than to feature an artist that we’ve organically formed a love for?

Fortunate enough to get ahold of the soft spoken siren, we met up with Morris during the tail end of a heatwave on the fringes of the East Village. Flowing into Extra Place, Morris star appeal was charmingly quotidian at best. There was no diva aura present. And aside from having the pleasure of meeting her quaintly assertive cohort Andy from Good Cop, we didn’t suffer the headache of dealing with an entourage.

Photography by NaShish Scott/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

Morris was colorful, slacked but thoughtfully coordinated. Her eyes were warm and she had a delightfully accidental sense of humor. We originally planned to shoot the interview at Extra Place but found ourselves unable to secure the proper furnishing necessary. When we asked if she’d been willing to stand up, the easygoing native Floridian said, “Sure!”

We then began to discuss the historical significance of the now refurbished alley way and how it was once a dwelling for rock gods who found themselves stumbling out the back of CBGB’s — now John Varvatos. Surprisingly, as if the mayor of good fortune decided to give us the key to the city, Morris uttered, “Oh, well, I have a good friend who works there. Maybe we can do it in there?”

The question was almost rhetorical. How could we pass up the chance to interview such an awesome talent in what used to be one of the epicenters of our world’s rock scene?

Photography by NaShish Scott/Courtesy of Quiet Lunch Magazine.

We walked into John Varvatos like we owned the place, casually kicking shit over and spitting on the ground as if Television were on stage and it was 1974 all over again. Okay, none of that happen but we figured it sounds way cooler than telling you that we walked in and spoke to her good friend who gave us free reign of the place — which is what really happened.

After marveling at the walls that were lined with precious history, scoping out a nice quiet area and talking about her meeting Ron Jeremy during her recent trip to L.A., we sat down near the rear of the store and proceeded to pick the brain of one of New York’s rising stars.

Follow Kendra @KendraMorris

Written by Akeem K. Duncan.↓

Akeem K. Duncan (n.): editor-in-chief, hated by the staff.

About Akeem K. Duncan.

Akeem K. Duncan.
Akeem is our Editor in Chief. A writing ogre and profuse sweater, he is responsible for the daily function and overall misdirection of Quiet Lunch. When he’s not perusing the worldwide web for “documentaries on intercourse”, he can be often found holed up in various friend’s apartments organizing content or tweaking the site.

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