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For all chicks and fellers out there who are into Greek mythology, we know that it has been your one and only dream to sit on Hercules’ face. Don’t go through the trouble of denying it because it’s written all over your screen… mainly because we just finished typing about it. Nonetheless, your dream is now a reality.

The FAT folks have come with an article of furniture that belong in any intellectuals humble abode. Now only if they can promote this with a commercial starring Kevin Sorbo.

Photo Courtesy of FAT.

“Soft Hercules is a stool cast from foam rubber – the soft squishy stuff that is usually used to make stress balls. The bust of Hercules, usually something solid both in its material and the culture it represents becomes unexpectedly soft, deforming a recognizable object into stranger shapes when it is sat on. It uses the plasticity of rubber to suggest a more uncertain and doubtful state.” – FAT (Fashion Architecture Taste).

Photo Courtesy of FAT.

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