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The White Pepper.

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The White Pepper, is a boutique based out of Hackney, London offering a compendium of quirky pastel toned clothing and charming accessories dipped in 90’s nostalgia. The pieces are comprised of handmade detailed items, vintage attire, and indie designers. It’s for the person who isn’t focused on mainstream trends, but instead searches for strong pieces to mix and match, dress up and down. The boutique’s allure isn’t soley based on clothing, but its obvious admiration for street style photography and aesthetic. A style made popular by the likes of photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, Katja Hentschel of  the Glamcanyon, and Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter.

The White Pepper is selling more than material to craddle yourself in; with the keen eye of their stylist and photographer, they craft together strong ensembles cast in familiar scenes. Eliciting inspiration and near jubilation from their shoppers, evident from the over 4,000 fans following the brand on their Tumblr – The White Pepper.  Followers leave messages of praise, replacing period marks with XOXO and smiley faces, to further prove their admiration. Scrolling through the tumblr it’s clear that the brand is aiming for original content and superior standards.

Photos Courtesy of The White Pepper.

The collection is available at the behemoth, online fashion and beauty retailer, ASOS. Featuring a wide selection of strong individual pieces ranging from socks, accessories, and jackets for men and women. While the selection available to men is quite limited the quantity has very little to do with the quality of options. Vintage leather jackets, suede boots, fitted jeans, and checkered shirts all set to adorn a man of taste.

“If you scoff at the sight of a girl in socks and sandal then this may not be for you, but I urge to you shrug it off, and give them a chance.”

Though The White Pepper had me at the first sight of a high-waisted check skirt, I was slightly disappointed at the price range- it’s not necessarily for those who live by the under $20 virtue. But they do offer clearance items starting at $14, socks for $9, and have nothing over $150. Ladies are offered an abundance of sheer tops, polka dots, floral skirts, and chunky heeled shoes. All mixed together with skinny jeans, quirky hats, and imaginative bags. If you scoff at the sight of a girl in socks and sandal then this may not be for you, but I urge to you shrug it off, and give them a chance.

The White Pepper is worth your time and will tingle your fashion senses. Check out some of my personal recommendations below.

Photos Courtesy of The White Pepper.

Photos Courtesy of The White Pepper.

Photos Courtesy of The White Pepper.

Written by Francine Lucas.↓

Francine Lucas (n.) dance maniac; fashion pervert; purveyor of Noise & Ambition.


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  • A Dash of Pepper. February 1, 2013 - 3:15 pm Reply

    [...] Lunch first crossed paths with the East London based boutique, The White Pepper, less than a year ago and we instantly fell for their cozy and chic style. Since then, The White Pepper has established [...]

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