Triple Vision. | Monokel. |x| Voo. |x| Axel Wannberg.

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”4″]A[/su_dropcap] holy trinity of conceptual cool, Robert Sandgren and Fredrik Sävenberg of Monokel, store Voo Berlin and designer Axel Wannberg all pitched in on this awe inspiring project. Wannaberg created mirrored minimalistic block sculptures that couple well with Monokel’s Shiro frames. The stark white spectacles are available in limited quantity at Voo Berlin.

 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-0-960x640 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-5-960x640 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-4-960x640 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-3-960x640 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-2-960x640 Quiet_Lunch_Magazine_Monokel-Voo-Wannberg-1-960x640

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