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Wish You Were Here.

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While technology is being blamed for dumbing down the human race, it has also bridged the gap between long distance families — somewhat. Only a decade ago families were forced to correspond via expensive overseas phone calls or letters. Now, with the benefits of technological innovations, families can easily call one another or see one another via video chat. Nonetheless, the connection is still not same.

Artist John Clang knows of this experience all too well. In fact, it was his experience with his own parents that inspired his series titled Being Together. Moving from Singapore to New York in 1999, Clang had to leave his parents behind. At first dealing with the pesky task of monitoring the frequency of his calls back home, Clang’s correspondence with his parents became easier as technology became better. Being Together embodies that change and acknowledges the ever present shortcomings.

“I am marking the time for these families, enabling them to remember these strange moments of togetherness with the technology presently available. The picture doesn’t stop here, it lingers on in their memory. It embraces the intimacy and closeness of a family, no matter how far apart they are.”

Photo Courtesy of John Clang.

“Most of [the families] were having fun interacting with each other through Skype. They were a bit puzzled how the image was going to be done. But once they start seeing the resulting image, most of them start to see the deep impact of such a session. There’s a very deep longing in their sentiments. You can sense that they miss each other very much, and yet it’s something we have to accept in the current fast-paced society.”

Photo Courtesy of John Clang.

Photo Courtesy of John Clang.

Photo Courtesy of John Clang.

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