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Quiet Lunch UHF (Videos).

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Welcome to Quiet Lunch UHF! This where you get to see the world through our eyes. When we’re not writing like Emily Brontë possessed, we actually go out and spend time with the individuals whom we admire so. Painters, sculptors, singers, rappers, entrepreneurs–Quiet Lunch UHF has it all on tape. Check out some of our most recent profiles and handpicked playlists!

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Mark Dorf.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Sage Schmett.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Jesse Clegg.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present The First Act: Anjimile.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Three The Hard Way | The Lost Tape.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present The Art of Shantell Martin at MLB Fan Cave.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Kendra Morris: To Witness a Mockingbird. ↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Mackenzie Younger.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Traversing the Vector with Orlando Arocena.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Molly Segal.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present First Act: Little War Twins.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present The First Act: We Avalanche.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Amanda Seales.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Gregory Siff x Survive Anything.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Street Prattle: Catcalling.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Lil’ Debbie.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Louise Donegan.↓


QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Caged Animals.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Anthony Cruz + FLNYC.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present AngelaIAM Launch Party at Henri Bendel.↓

Quiet Lunch on the ROX present Sunny & Gabe.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE present Sunny & Gabe.↓


QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents King Deco.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents STREET PRATTLE: Trayvon Martin Verdict.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents For Which It Stands at The Lodge.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Solo Sexx.↓

Shinobi Ninja Live Studio Performance.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine presents Juan Miguel Palacios.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine present Tall Tall Trees x The Seagull & The Eagle.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine present FREE SNIPES X Kool A.D. x Poppington.↓

Discovering Umbria: Umbria Enogastronomia.↓

#NOMNOMNOM with Eat Like a Lady: Mikeys Burger.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Tall Tall Trees.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine presents beats by dre Neon Mix Party.↓

Extra with MeLo-X.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine presents the Shuffle LP.↓

Rock Them at Rox NYC.↓

“Hey” – Sunny & Gabe x YOUDONTSAY (Ced Hughes + Gabe Niles) x XXYYXX.↓

Street Prattle: Masturbation.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine presents Yuka Chocomoo.↓

Quiet Lunch Magazine presents Shinobi Ninja.↓

Art in FLUX Harlem presents HARLEM BEAT at Scratch DJ Academy.↓

Street Prattle: Think B.I.G.↓

The Lovers at Lyons Wier.↓

Nordic Pop at Gallery 151.↓

Times Have Changed, Eat More Candy at Art on A Gallery & Shop.↓

Wakuda at LaunchPad.↓

Who Shot Natalie White?↓

Die Wanderkammer at The Lodge.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents Cakes Da Killa.↓

Die Wanderkammer at the Lodge, NYC.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents Christian Coleman.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents From Australia with Love Pt. II.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents SXSW 2013 with Jamieson Hill.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents From Australia with Love.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZAZINE presents Dyme-A-Duzin.↓

Did Lil’ Wayne bite off Anthony Cruz?↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents The Civil Issues: Sexism.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Made In New York: Modern Vice.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Derek Weisberg.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Micheal Moskowitz, CEO Bureau of Trade.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Street Prattle.↓

QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Flatbush Zombies.↓


QUIET LUNCH MAGAZINE presents Holton x Dior ‘Pour Paintings’.↓

Salad Bar.↓

Quiet Lunch Interviews (Arts).↓

 Quiet Lunch Magazine’s Art Basel Miami Beach Experience.↓

 Quiet Lunch Interviews (Music).↓

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