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(Object)ive. | Sarah Fagan.

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here is a soothing calm in Sarah Fagan‘s work. The painter poses quotidian objects—like envelopes, eraser, crystal trinkets and disassembled boxes—and replicates them in a lovingly banal fashion. While Fagan does have her own touch, her work shares a similar aesthetic with Melodie Provenzano‘s work.

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Give Him a Hahn.

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Eckart Hahn, a German native, is a self taught painter who is making a name for himself with his 3D-like pieces. Aesthetically, his work bares a slight resemblance to that of Melodie Provenzano, except it focuses on a contrast between man and Nature, pitting the organic against the synthetic. His portraits of animals, coupled with some man-made materials, create a …

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A Journey to Rock Center.

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With most galleries easing their way from underneath the after effects of Hurricane Sandy, we were more than happy to see our friends over at Lyons Weir get back on their feet. Reemerging from their hiatus with a bang, the gallery debuted their exhibit for the talented Melodie Provenzano. Titled Rock Center, the show features a series of selected works from …