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Another Man’s Treasure.

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In 2013 Sam Green was asked to pitch an approach for the 2014 Secret Garden Party campaign, unfortunately Green’s work was rejected. They are obviously insane. Green’s work may not…

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(Catch These) Hands. | Andy P.

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Chilean illustrator Andy P.‘s series, Hands, is quite the handful—okay, that pus was unnecessary but that shouldn’t dare take away from these awesome illustrations. The(se) Fingers Are Snakes, 2016. The…

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JAPONISM at The Nippon Gallery.

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…was slightly miffed about this extraction, which I’ve since had to replace and re-arrange, twice. On reflection, I’m glad that some curious little fingers (one side of the vitrine is…

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Fully Frontal.

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…ominous look filled with fear and anger. The second illustration shows the same face with fingers pressing against the cheek and nose. The other hand pulls down on the lower…

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Suo Sarumawashi.

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…introduction. Choromatsu — Suo Sarumawashi. (Courtesy of Hiroshi Watanabe.) Kanpei Counting Fingers — Suo Sarumawashi. (Courtesy of Hiroshi Watanabe.) Big in Bucket — Suo Sarumawashi. (Courtesy of Hiroshi Watanabe.) Genki…

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TOP 10 Posts of 2016.

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…our existence at length than through art? It will translate our joy, our grief, our triumphs and struggles—and we, the documenters, will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse…