origin: chelsea, ny

John Gosslee

Editor in Chief

John Gosslee lives and breathes the making space and runs the minutia of the magazine. He loves Fuji Instax and Polaroid cameras. His editorial and management skills are notorious. John is known for his sharp wit alongside a passion for creating amazing magazines. His poetry is heavily published around the world.

origin: bronx, ny

Akeem K. Duncan

Founder | Editor at Large

Akeem Duncan, a native of the Bronx, is the founder and leader of Quiet Lunch Magazine. His OG status at the magazine is incontrovertible. He is a dedicated promoter of the arts, expert mingler, profuse sweater and compulsive writer. As the leader of Quiet Lunch… (Read More)

origin: new york, ny

Bim Star

CEO | Webmaster

Always in the know, and the go-to man for all things ala mode, we are happy to have Bim Star aboard this blazing ship as our webmaster. This New York City native breathes the concrete jungle. (Read More)

origin: new york, ny

Gregory de la Haba


Native New Yorker. Artist. Publisher. Curator. Writer. Loves jumping into other people’s dreams.

Georgina Billington.

Georgina Billington.

Mia Morgan.

Wesley Clouden.

Georgina Billington.

Goënièvre Anaïs.

  • Mary Hurt. | Writer.

  • Carly Sioux. | Guest Writer.

  • Eli Jace. | Writer.

  • Mark Bloch. | Contributor.

  • Jasmin Hernandez. | Writer.

  • Hayley McCulloch. | Writer.

  • Kristi Veliaj. | Writer.

  • Jena Serbu. | Writer.

  • Michael Della Polla.

    Michael Della Polla.

  • Kareem Gonsalves.

    Kareem Gonsalves.

  • Darryl "Scramz" Villegas.

    Darryl “Scramz” Villegas.