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10 Year Old Goes to College.

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Dafne Almazan Anaya. (Screen shot by Quiet Lunch)

Dafne Almazan Anaya, a Mexican native, is Mexico’s youngest college student. At just 10 years old, Anaya is currently enrolled at the Technology Institute of Monterrey where she is earning a Psychology degree. Anaya comes from a family of advanced thinkers; her older brother graduated college at the age of 16 and now, at age 18, is studying to become a doctor, and she currently attends college with her 14 year old sister.

Anaya does not get special treatment because of her age at her college. She follows the same curriculum as the rest of her classmates and even compares notes with her sister. But despite being so far ahead of her age, Anaya is still a normal child–playing, reading and goofing off with her friends. Her father, Asdrubal Almazan, stated to Vanguardia:

“It’s normal for her to keep playing because she’s still a kid and she’s young and the fact that she’s enrolled in university does not mean she should skip these years in her life.”

For the full story, head over to the Huffington Post online.

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