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5 Ways to Become a Better Photographer with Glenford Nunez.

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It’s Photo Week at Quiet Lunch and aside from being secret illustration junkies, we are very much in love with the art of photography. Although there are some who do not consider photography to be a valid art, we are completely in awe of an artist’s ability to capture a moment and freeze it in time — and we’re more than sure that a few of you feel the same way; especially those of you who are actually photographers.

We’ve spent a good part of this week showcasing the various talents of others but today we want to focus how YOU can improve your talents as a photographer. Of course we’re not about to just offer up our shitty advice, so we ask our good friend and founder of TYP Photography Studio, Glenford Nunez, to stop by and give our readers 5 Ways to Become a Better Photographer.

Adia Trischler from The Coiffure Project. (Photo Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography Studio.)

Creator of The Coiffure Project, Nunez isn’t go to give you the secrets to his trade but instead give some KEY advice to those of you who are beginning to find your way in the vast wilderness that is photography. If you’d like to show your gratitude, be sure to support The Coiffure Project on Kickstarter by clicking below:

Support The Coiffure Project! ←

So, with no further ado, here are 5 Ways to Become a Better Photographer with Glenford Nunez.

Savy Wood from The Coiffure Project. (Photo Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography Studio.)

• Do not dwell on your equipment.

“People put too much stock into the type of equipment they have. Some people spend more time researching equipment versus actually shooting.”


• Look for uniqueness.

“Don’t try to duplicate other work. Find your own groove.”


Savy Wood from The Coiffure Project. (Photo Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography Studio.)


• Shoot Everyday.

“‘Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.’ – Henri Cartier-Bresson.

You can’t be a photographer unless you actually take photographs.”


• Study everything.

“Inspiration comes from everywhere. Influences from other things will make you a more well rounded photographer and person.”


Emily from The Coiffure Project. (Photo Courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography Studio.)


• Be yourself.

“Stop worrying about what others think about your work. My best work comes from when I just let go and create. That’s what I was sent here to do.”


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