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A Glitch in the System.

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Misdirection is often a good way to go. When a piece gives allusion to one thing when it is actually the other, it is nothing short of delightful trickery. Today that delightful trickster is Kon Trubkovich.

Untitled, 2008. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

More morbid than delightful, Trubkovich’s glitch pieces are wondrous misdirects that appear to be clips from less than efficient surveillance cameras but are actually oil/watercolor paintings done on paper and/or canvas.

“A Few Miles From Nowhere”, 2008. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

Untitled, 2007. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

“One Small Leap 1, One Small Leap 2, One Small Leap 3″, 2007. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

“Exit Block I”, 2006. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

“Flight”, 2006. (Courtesy of Kon Trubkovich.)

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