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A Letter to All Mothers.

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I’m still in the infancy stage of motherhood. I make mistakes daily, and unfortunately they are at the expense of my children. I don’t discipline effectively. I over discipline. I under discipline. I get frustrated with their homework; I get frustrated with their dirty rooms; I get frustrated with them playing with their food instead of eating it; and, I get frustrated when I walk into a small pond that took over the bathroom floor every time they get out of the shower. I am more protective of my son, and I yell at my girls when they talk about boys. I wake up in the middle of the night because I can’t help but think of my son turning into a man and facing this cruel world. I can’t help but think of my girls being in a situation where it is do or don’t do in order to save their reputations.

All of these things make me lose sleep.

And, although I am in the infancy stages of motherhood, I am growing. I am growing, and I am making strides. In order to raise children effectively, you have to become at one with yourself. You don’t have to have life in a chokehold, but you have to have a firm understanding. You can’t be a worthy mother if you don’t understand the power and progress of your womanhood. A woman holds so much power, knowledge, and wisdom it is imperative that she taps into each respectively.

I recently gave a parental tip that the greatest gift a mother could give is her intuition. A woman’s intuition and ability to understand the difference between intuition and what you feel in your heart will unlock every door she ever desires to open. A mother must be in tune with her natural nature because motherhood is the most natural encounter she will ever encompass. A mother must carry herself with conviction and never be hypocritical to her words.

Motherhood is not only about tapping into your nurturing resources, but also understanding your power and dominance in planting your seeds in fertile ground.

All of these things make me lose sleep.

I am mother of three children, and there is another on the way. I’ve made mistakes. I will make plenty more. But, as your children grow, you will grow. Mothers cannot afford to back track; wisdom holds you to the highest accounts, and your children always have an eye on you.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Buffy Smith (n.): resident parental advisor, opinionated know-it-all.

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