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A (Lik)ely Paradise.

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With Old Man Winter battering the east coast with a copious amount of snow, places with dry weather seem more beautiful and peaceful than ever–or least photographer, Peter Lik, makes them seem that way.

“Angel’s Heart”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

Lik’s series of canyons and arches depict the desert as a mystical wonderland of colors and natural architecture. A world renowned landscape photographer, the Aussie shutterbug is entirely self-taught.

“Antelope Cathedral”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

“Ethereal Glow”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

“Radiant Spirit”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

“Shadowland”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

“Endless Flow”. (Courtesy of Peter Lik.)

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