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A Poetic Encounter in Union Square Park.

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One Saturday in July, when temperatures exceeded 90 degrees and my forehead permanently layered with sweat, I conquered the New Jersey Transit system to arrive in Manhattan. Ascending from the pervasive heat of the subway station I realized I had gone from one oven to another. But the heat became secondary at the first sight of the farmers market at Union Square Park.

Succulent aromas and sun beaten bodies surrounded me as I searched for a few peaches to buy with my spare time. Moments later I was greeted by my friend and former roommate, Matia–our Editor at Large/Managing Editor here at the Quiet Lunch. Strolling through the crowd we exchanged anecdotes and aspirations as our eyes peered over every corner for the perfect spot to rest. Once seated, a man of towering height wearing a t-shirt which read, “Peace, Love, & Poetry,” introduced himself to us.

Based in North Carolina, producer and poet, Ephex made his way to NYC to spread his poetry. Fortunately, I had a camera in hand and captured his words, which are now available to you in the short video below.  After he recited a brief poem we exchanged a few words and he continued into the park to deliver his story and collection of poems from his self-published book, Peace, Love, and Poetry.

From Peace, Love, & Poetry:

“Ephex is passionate about making a difference in the world using art as a driving force toward true and significant changes in society. Follow and support Ehphex on his mission to enlighten, empower, and embrace those humans who want to challenge the status quo and change the world.”


Written by Francine Lucas.↓

Francine Lucas (n.) dance maniac; fashion pervert; purveyor of Noise & Ambition.


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