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Action Bronson Gets His Britches Sued.

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Photo Courtesy of Rap Dose.

Action Bronson, the Queens indie rapper, is being hit with a $70,000 lawsuit from Clockwork Music after he failed to fulfill his 17-date tour contract in Europe. Clockwork has claimed that Bronson received full payment for the first seven dates, which he performed, but bailed on the remaining 10 without returning any of the deposits he received.

According to various sources, the suit-which was filed May 14th in New York–states Bronson cancelled the second leg of the dates he was already paid for; keeping over $10,000 in deposit money. Clockwork Music is also claiming that the rapper cancelled with intent to tarnish the company’s reputation with other European promoters.

For the full story and more, head over to Rap Dose online.

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