Ain’t No Party Like a Piñata Party.

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Photo Courtesy of Consequence of Sound.

Nothing amps up a celebration more than a fly ass hotel room with all the drink, smoke, debauchery and money-filled piñatas you could ask for. Kool A.D’s recently dropped mixtape, 51, features all that and more on the break out track, “La Piñata”; an audio snapshot of a party gone haywire in all the coolest ways possible. Featuring cameos by his fellow band member Das Racist’s, Heem, and underground heavy hitter Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Kool A.D’s mixtape has nothing but flavor.

Check out the video for “La Piñata” below and click the link to download, 51.

“La Piñata”by Kool A.D.↓

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