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Art Rejex.

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Photo Courtesy of Progressive Era.

Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ is feeding the masses another brilliant serving of well done tunes. The material isn’t exactly new but it is certainly new to us. Titled Rejex, the project consist of songs that didn’t make the cut for the epic 1999.

“1999 Rejex is a compilation of tracks that didn’t make it to my debut mixtape 1999(obviously). I decided to put this project together because I have a lot of unreleased material that I didn’t want to keep from the ears of my fans and supporters. I also have a couple of tracks on here I did when I was 15 years old (“little rachel”, “indubitable”, and “silent knight”) and I want to show people the progress I’ve made in a couple of years. The remaining songs (“flowers pt. I”, “catharsis”, “panty raid”, “fantum” and “update”) are tracks I dropped prior to the release of ‘99 as promo only. I look at Rejex as my more experimental side compared to ‘99. Putting together these two projects even taught me a lil sumchin about my evolution as an artist and individual. Watch me go from “Joey B4 DA $$” to the “Joey BA DA $$”…… If you know what eye mean.. Haha” – Joey Bada$$ (oG $wank)

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