Bare Minimum. | Ed Hodgkinson.

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Ed Hodgkinson‘s illustrations are delicately intimate and simple. His minimal linework is comforting and still manages to successfully convey an image while flaunting a palpable amount of mystery. Hodgkinson lives and works in London and has exhibited in New York, LA, Tokyo, Capetown, Stockholm and Rejkjavik.

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Akeem K. Duncan.

Akeem K. Duncan.

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Akeem is our Editor in Chief. A writing ogre and profuse sweater, he is responsible for the daily function and overall voice of Quiet Lunch. He also a poet and curator. He has read at venues such as the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, KGB Bar, Lovecraft and SHAG--with works published in Palabra Luminosas and LiVE MAG13. He has also curated solo and group exhibitions at numerous galleries in Chelsea, Harlem, Bushwick and Lower Manhattan.

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