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Basking in the (Sun)dqvist.

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The Roots. (Photo Courtesy of Fideli Sundqvist)

Continuing on our paper chase for the week, Fideli Sundqvist’s works in the medium take us to a dreamy place; complete with chirping birds and sun rays. She delicately carves out dainty figures that are lively, jovial and bursting with color.

Little Helpers. (Photo Courtesy of Fideli Sundqvist)

Sundqvist’s works are like instant pockets of good cheer; a sure sign of an artist after our own hearts. You won’t find anything too heavy here; just fun and effortless talent — something we can all use every now and again.

Somewhere Series. (Photo Courtesy of Fideli Sundqvist)

Somewhere Series. (Photo Courtesy of Fideli Sundqvist)

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The Quiet Lunch.
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