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Behind Those Jaded Eyes.

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"Role Play". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

We did a hit and run with Richard Salcido in the past and it only left our readers salivating for more. Nonetheless, we ignored the spit. Truthfully, we didn’t see much in his work. We thought it to be a little incomplete.

"Goody Goody". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

Obviously we were out of our fucking minds. We underestimated Salcido and passed his work off as simple social satire. We didn’t truly examine and praise his technique and his ability to capture raw unspoken emotion.

"Calliope". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"Sitting in Circles". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"First Love". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

Salcido’s pieces pierce the soul. The eyes of his subject seems to reveal a story that they refuse to tell; stories of allure, defeat, disappointment and overall disinterest.

Taken from the Pinups and Pussycats show at Silver Queen, these are his solo pieces aside from his collaborative effort with Frank Gonzales.

"Protection". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"My World is Grey". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"Silent World". (Photo Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"DUST". (Photo Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"Small Flowers". (Photo Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

"White Collar". (Courtesy of Richard Salcido.)

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